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What is rockabilly???

Trying to define Rockabilly is rather like trying to describe a 'look' or 'feel'. There are no precise edges to cut, no inherent rules to follow. At the heart of Rockabilly is the music - a combination of blues, gospel, western swing, boogie woogie, and "hillbilly" music. Roots music from the south of the USA during the late 1940's and 1950's. But this simple description does not do it justice. As one commentator* explains:

Many young musicians found a sound that appealed to the ears and dancing feet of their generation. The older generation stepped back in amazement... The same driving guitar licks, frantic vocals, standup slap bass, and heavy snare drum back-beat still sound great!

Rockabilly was the sound heard around the world; the 'look' and the 'feel' that spread with it helped shape a new generation. Today, Rockabilly is more than just the music - it is a celebration of the era. It is a lifestyle that incorporates the music, the cars, the fashion, and the culture of the post-war period (c1945-1960).

vintage: rockabilly / swing

Recently there has been an increased interest in popular culture with the 'vintage' look and Rockabilly and Swing influenced music. While this trend is not new (e.g. Stray Cats) it has become more mainstream as artists such as Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera,and Katy Perry adopt a 'vintage' look in music videos and Hollywood stars take classic pinup shots and walk down the red carpet in 30s, 40s, and 50s inspired evening wear. So what is the difference between Rockabilly and Swing???

A simple way to split Swing and Rockabilly is Pre- and Post- WW2. Swing c1930-1945 and Rockabilly c1945-1960. However, the current trend of pop 'vintage' now blurs these lines. 

Artists such as Brian Setzer and Imelda May mix the musical styles. As the music has shifted and begun to merge, so has the distinction in fashions and  culture. However, while there has been some convergence between Swing and Rockabilly, there remains a clear style and appreciation for each. As a generalisation, Rockabilly has more edge and more attitude. Where Swing tends towards the elegant and refined, Rockabilly is raw power and passion. Where Swing elaborates in softer accents and complex rhythms, Rockabilly is driven by thick, soulful blues and strong, heart-pounding beats. Rockabilly was the hard rock of its time and the rebellious streak remains.

rockabilly in perth

Perth has a vibrant Rockabilly music scene, with several international quality bands and performers. There are also a variety of retailers, clubs, events, and services catering to the Rockabilly community. Check out Facebook or the MUSIc/Events page for more details, event information, and updates!

The main venues supporting Rockabilly (and other Retro music & dance styles) in Perth are:
The music ranges across traditional 50's Rockabilly and Jump Blues, Swing and Country influenced styles, to Neobilly and Psychobilly.

Have even more fun and learn to dance Rockabilly with the Cool Cats
  • Monday nights 7pm+ ($20pp casual; $75pp 6wk course).
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